True-Kare is the
Telecare company for
Technology Enabled
Care Service

Our Mission

When we started in 2019, our mission was to help companies to provide an all-in-one solution for the Telecare Industry helping Vulnerable, Elderly and Lone Workers the possibility to live independently and safe.

Today  our mission is so important as we started. We earned trust and respect of more than 350 companies, 20.000 end-users in 12 different countries. But how did we achieve this? True-Kare is a leading technology enabled care service  for the elderly, vulnerable people and lone-workers. VERIFY and WEB SELF CAREare the efficient, powerful and reliable infrastructure, that empowers you to upgrade or create a seamless telecare service for your costumers and teams. Result? Real time support and supervision, emergency in a reliable and fast way around the globe, more costs savings and above all keeping elderly, vulnerable and lone workers safe.



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Our Vision

Be an excellent company in offering telecare and telehealth services where our workers give their best to help our partners

Offer the best experience of products and services that satisfy the wishes and needs of people.

Build a large network of satisfied partners and build mutual loyalty.

To be an exemplary and responsible company that makes its contribution to a better and safer world.

We are commited to
the United Nation's sustainable
development goals

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